Restart option

You may want to restart your CSCri account with additional money from:

  • the sale of an investment property
  • downsizing your family home
  • an inheritance or other financial windfall
  • other superannuation savings.

The minimum amount of additional money required to restart is $10,000 (in addition to your current CSCri balance).

The restart process involves consolidating all your monies in a PSSap account first. If you do not have an existing PSSap account we will establish a PSSap Ancillary account for you. That generally takes five (5) to 10 working days from when we receive your additional monies.

You continue to receive pension payments. You can also elect the same arrangements for your new CSCri account (eg, payment amount, frequency, investment strategy and personal details). You will need to nominate beneficiaries when you restart.

By law if you wish to include additional monies into CSCri you need to start a new CSCri income stream. You can either:

  • Consolidate all your monies into a new CSCri income stream; or
  • Start a second CSCri income stream (maintaining deeming rules on your first income stream)

Restart today

Ask us to send you a CSCri consolidation form so you can put more money into CSCri. The form explains what you must do, step-by-step. If you have any general questions about restarting, please contact us.


Do you get Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) payments?

Your social security entitlements may be affected if you put more money into CSCri. We encourage you to first contact Centrelink or DVA and your financial planner (if you have one).

What must I do to add to and restart my CSCri account?

We must first receive your completed consolidation form and additional monies. We then roll your current CSCri balance back into the accumulation phase of super and consolidate all your monies in a your existing PSSap account or a PSSap Ancillary account.

The law requires us to consolidate your monies outside of CSCri, including your current CSCri balance. Extra money cannot be added directly to a CSCri account. When you restart you will get a new member number and higher starting balance. We’ll confirm all details in writing. The consolidation form explains what to do, step-by-step.


 Flowchart of the adding to and topping up a CSCri account


How long will it take?

It generally takes five to ten business days from when we receive all your completed documentation and additional monies. It may take longer if your situation is more complex such as using multiple other super savings, or if the next CSCri income stream payday or 30 June (end of the financial year) is five business days or less away.

Ensure your restart isn’t delayed by:

  • completing a transfer form (in the restart form) for each super rollover you request (only if you restart using other super savings)
  • providing all identification requirements we need in your application
  • not restarting within five business days of an income payday or 30 June.

What happens to my current account when I submit my restart form?

Most importantly, you’ll continue to receive your current income payment while the restart process occurs.

Your current CSCri account won’t change in any way until we receive all your additional money and documentation, or if the next income payday or 30 June is five business days or less away (then your restart will be processed as soon as possible afterwards).

Why are all my monies consolidated in the Cash Option?

When your current CSCri balance is rolled back into the accumulation phase of super to be consolidated with your additional amount/s, all your monies are invested in the Cash Option of your existing PSSap account or a PSSap Ancillary account. That’s because it is a low risk investment option, helping to ensure all your monies remain stable in the event of any market fluctuation during the period your savings are being consolidated in one account. It is also saves you money because unlike other investment options, a buy or sell spread is not charged in the Cash Option (buy and sell spreads are transaction costs associated with buying and selling units with investment options).

How much does it cost to restart?

There’s no charge to restart your CSCri balance, nor is there any exit or withdrawal fee charged in PSSap if your monies are consolidated in that scheme. However, you will be charged a small administration fee while your monies are consolidated in PSSap and you may incur buy-sell spread costs in CSCri depending on your chosen investment strategy in your new CSCri account.

What information do I get during the process?

We keep you informed throughout the process. First, when we set-up your PSSap Ancillary account (by providing you a welcome letter if you’re not already a member). Second, when all your monies are consolidated in the PSSap Cash option (by providing you an exit statement for your current CSCri account). And finally, when we set-up your new CSCri account (by providing you with a welcome letter for that account, outlining your new member number and balance).

How will I know it’s complete?

We’ll send you a welcome letter for your new CSCri account, outlining your:

  • new CSCri member number
  • regular income payment amount
  • frequency of payment
  • payment order method
  • beneficiaries (if nominated)
  • centrelink schedule. 

Once you have your new member number, you can then access your online account.