Retirement means different things to different people. For some, it’s the end of work and a shift to a new phase of life. For others, retirement can be a gradual process as they reduce work hours or switch to part-time or casual employment to better meet their life-style priorities.

Whatever your retirement goals, everyone wants to be in control of their retirement finances.

If you have Government super (CSS, PSS or PSSap benefits), opening a CSCri account gives you flexibility and freedom to live your ideal retirement life-style.

Benefits of CSCri

Control over your retirement finances

With CSCri you choose how much and how often you receive your retirement income (for the standard retirement income option).

You also have the choice of investing in one or more of four investment options - Cash, Income Focused (default), Balanced and Aggressive.

For example, at the start of your retirement you may wish to invest in assets that are expected to grow over time, such as shares and property, and diversify your investments. Or you may choose to invest in more defensive assets if you are comfortable with lower levels of risk and more stable returns.

This choice is yours, and will depend on your individual circumstances.

Access your super when you need it

With CSCri your super isn't locked away. You can withdraw ad hoc amounts at any time.

CSCri is a great option if you have supplementary super monies to invest, such as proceeds from a property sale, but still want to access it when needed. 

Being able to access lump sums gives you peace of mind in the event of unexpected expenses, such as medical bills.

It also gives you freedom to invest in other retirement priorities, such as travel, or paying off your mortgage. 

Flexibility in retirement

With CSCri you choose how and when you want to retire. If you're not quite ready to give up your job when you reach preservation age, you can keep working and draw a transition to retirement income stream. You'll pay less tax on your super income and can keep contributing to your super.  

Arrangements are flexible, so you can change them to suit your priorities

Stay invested in super and save tax

By investing some or all of your super into CSCri, your money stays invested with the tax benefits of the superannuation environment.

Want to know more?

Visit our Forms and publications page where you can learn more about both a standard and transition to retirement income streams, and download the CSCri Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Alternatively, call us on 1300 736 096 during business hours to receive a hard copy of this document in the post.