Change income stream

Want to change to a standard income stream?

This information is for transition to retirement income stream members only.

If you are continuing to work while receiving a regular income stream from your CSCri account, your ability to withdraw extra money from your account is restricted by law.

Those restrictions generally cease to exist if you change your CSCri transition to retirement income stream to a standard retirement income stream. To qualify to change your income stream in this way, you must satisfy a condition of release under superannuation law.

To change your income stream, complete the form.

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Access to your money

The differences of a standard income stream are:

  • you can withdraw ad hoc amounts when you want
  • you are no longer subject to a maximum payment amount each financial year (minimum payment amounts based on your age and account balance still apply)
  • your investment returns are tax free
  • your CSCri will count towards your Transfer Balance Cap

Condition of release

Your CSCri account can change to a standard retirement income stream if you satisfy one of the following conditions of release set by superannuation law:

  • you have reached your preservation age, ceased working and do not intend to work for more than 10 hours a week in future (meaning you are permanently retired)
  • you have reached age 65
  • you have reached age 60 and changed your employment arrangements
  • you suffer a permanent incapacity (ie you are totally and permanently disabled)
  • you have a terminal medical condition as defined under superannuation law
  • you are a temporary resident permanently leaving Australia (except New Zealand citizens).
More help

See withdrawing super on the PSSap website to find out your preservation age.