Ad-hoc withdrawals

Withdraw money at any time

You can make ad-hoc withdrawals from your account at any time unless you are a transition to retirement income stream member.

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For transition members

Ad hoc withdrawals, beyond your regular transition to retirement income payments, are generally not allowed. That's unless your withdrawal is within your maximum annual withdrawal amount. That amount is 10% of your balance at 1 July. The amount you wish to withdraw and are eligible to withdraw must also not be less than $5,000.

View change income stream for information on condition of releases (such as turning age 65) if you want to make an ad hoc withdrawal.

Withdrawal amount

Your minimum ad hoc withdrawal amount is $5,000 or your entire balance if under $5,000.

Payment of withdrawal

You can elect to receive your amount:

  • electronically into the same account as your regular income payments
  • via cheque sent to the postal address nominated on your CSCri account
  • electronically into another bank account you nominate.

Your withdrawn benefit can only be deposited into an account held in your name or jointly in your name. Any Australian financial institution with a BSB number will be accepted.

Payment order

If you are invested in two or more investment options, you can elect from which options your partial lump sum amount is to be withdrawn.